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Vaccine Mapper

The Vaccine Mapper project is collating public information on COVID-19 vaccines aggregated from various sources and annotated to inform both the scientific community and the public on vaccine progress, provide new knowledge on the associations between vaccine components and immunological outcomes, enhance collaboration between vaccine developers, and help identify gaps in vaccine development.

Research Focus

  • Computational Science

    Computational science is a multidisciplinary field that utilizes advanced computing to understand and solve complex problems. Researchers at the EIGH develop computational models, hardware, software, data management, and more to tackle a variety of global health concerns.

  • Infectious Diseases

    At the EIGH, our researchers work to combat a number of various illnesses, including infectious diseases caused by organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These diseases can also be spread from one person to another and may be transmitted from animals to humans. 

Who’s Involved

EIGH Faculty

Global Partners

  • University of Maryland

Notre Dame Partnerships

  • Center for Research Computing

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