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Postpartum Complications: Women’s Knowledge and Impact of Post-Birth Discharge Education

The United States (U. S) has the highest maternal mortality rate among high-income countries.Obstetric complications, especially during the postpartum period, account for most maternal deaths. Once a woman leaves the hospital, the burden is on her to recognize when something is wrong, and seek appropriate care. A major contributing factor to the high maternal death rates is due to delays in seeking and receiving emergency care for complications. Women’s knowledge of the warning signs of potential complications impacts timely recognition and care-seeking for complications. However, little research has been done on knowledge of warning signs of complications among postpartum women across the United States. In this project, we assess postpartum women’s knowledge of the warning signs of potential complications 4-6 weeks after childbirth in Georgia, a state with the Second highest maternal mortality in the U.S.

Research Focus

  • Maternal/Child and Community Health

    At the EIGH, our researchers explore multifaceted health issues pertaining to women, pregnancy, breastfeeding, reproduction, and infant and child well-being. Our focus to decrease maternal and infant mortality rates supports a global priority among health practitioners and researchers. Additionally, community-based research on the local and global levels promotes a team effort to protect and improve the health of population groups worldwide. 

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  • WellStar Health System

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Marietta Daily Journal (MDJ) Online (Oct 21, 2019). Kennesaw State University researcher’s study helps new mothers

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