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Rapid and Multi-Target Virus Isolation, Detection and Quantification for Point-of-Care Applications

Rapid, high-yield and sensitive point-of-care microfluidic and nanotechnologies are integrated into a turn-key instrument for isolating, enriching, identifying and quantifying virus from saliva and blood samples. Sensing technologies include digital droplet/nanowell PCR and ImmunoAssay with single molecule/virus resolution. We are able to improve the sensitivity to less than 100 virions per ml and can differentiate different dengue serotypes.


Research Focus

  • Genetics and Genomics

    One way to study certain diseases is through genetics - the study of heredity and the variation of individual inherited genes in an organism. At the EIGH, this means studying how organisms can inherit and spread certain diseases. Additionally, by analyzing the entire structure, function, and evolution of an organism's genes, researchers may identify ways to prevent a disease from genetically passing disease traits.

  • Non-communicable Diseases

    The EIGH conducts research to fight a number of diseases and conditions around the world. This includes non-communicable diseases or chronic illnesses, including cardiac conditions and cancer. 

  • Vector-borne Diseases

    Vector-borne disease research is a historic strength of the EIGH. Our researchers study multiple parts of the vector-borne disease lifecycle, such as how the parasites, viruses, and bacteria cause these kinds of diseases, how the vectors spread these diseases, and how to improve prevention methods in tropical and subtropical areas, which have the highest burden of vector-borne illnesses. 

Who’s Involved

EIGH Faculty

Global Partners

  • Stanford Medical School
  • Emory Medical School
  • Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Notre Dame Partners

  • Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • Notre Dame Genomics Center
  • Harper Cancer Institute

Notre Dame Faculty

  • Satyajyoti Senapati
  • David Go
  • Michael Pfrender

Additional Information


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