Global Health Minor

Different majors, united impact: join the next generation of global health leaders!

Why Minor in Global Health?

The Minor in Global Health recognizes that health is not limited to treating diseases; that to address global health, one must address root causes of health inequality.  Solutions to these “social determinants of health” require expertise in every discipline – including the social sciences, policy and governance, engineering, education, human rights, and ethics. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of global health practice, the Minor in Global Health is an ideal supplement to every major at the University.

The Minor in Global Health aligns with the mission of the University to develop compassionate awareness of issues including poverty and injustice that often affect health. Students in this program will have opportunities to foster a sense of human solidarity while advancing their knowledge and skills to facilitate health as fundamental human right.

The 15-credit Minor in Global Health leverages interdisciplinary collaborations to understand the complex health needs of resource-poor populations around the world. 

Unique Features:

Students will develop competencies in:

  • Historical context of global health
  • Social determinants of health disparities
  • Environmental influences on health
  • Communicating and analyzing global health issues
  • Analysis of political and cultural concepts
  • Interdisciplinary methodologies in health research and implementation
  • Relationship-building with equitable partners in addressing the needs of global populations

Career Opportunities:

Few fields can match the career opportunities in global health. Work can be conducted in the local community or anywhere in the world, across many sectors. A brief list of career areas includes:

  • Local and state health departments
  • Government agencies
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Think tanks
  • Biotechnology
  • Humanitarian and disaster relief agencies
  • Policy-making organizations
  • Clinical settings
  • Banking and finance

How to Enroll:

For more information, please email us at or contact Marie Donahue,

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