Areas of Concentration

The Master of Science in Global Health (MSGH) program includes three areas of concentration. Students will choose their concentration from the following areas:

  • Vector Biology and Parasitology
  • Health Policy and Governance
  • Health Analytics

The focus areas draw on the University’s rich expertise, particularly within the College of Science and the Keough School of Global Affairs, and trains future global health professionals who can effectively identify and address current and emerging diseases as well as complex health issues within a rapidly changing world. 

Vector Biology and Parasitology 

This concentration exposes students to a broad overview of vector biology and parasitology, the effects of arthropods on human health, and various infectious diseases, particularly in low-and middle-income countries where the burden of these diseases is greatest.

Health Policy and Governance 

This concentration provides insight into policy design and implementation and tools for working effectively and strategically in various cultural contexts. Students also learn about factors that affect the quality of healthcare and service delivery.

Health Analytics 

This concentration helps students develop and apply quantitative and qualitative skills to the acquisition, management, analysis, visualization, and interpretation of health data for decision making.

Need more information?

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