A Health Needs Assessment at Basile Moreau School in Carrefour, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Alumni: Shereen Shojaat

Faculty: Lacey Ahern

Environmental factors, food insecurities, poverty, political unrest, and natural disasters influence the health of Haitians, particularly children. A school setting as a health intervention site can be effective, due to high accessibility and enrollment rates of children in Haiti. To determine the health needs of the Basile Moreau School student population in Port-au-Prince Haiti, this study investigated the need for improving school-based health and health services for children attending the school through key informant interviews, observation, and a parent survey. Results suggest the need for addressing health-related issues at Basile Moreau School. Overall, our recommendation includes a coordinated school health approach consisting of eight core components, developed by the Centers for Disease Control, as an efficient and practical strategy for improving the health of students at Basile Moreau School. All component recommendations propose comprehensive program strategies, which extend beyond an onsite school healthcare facility. This approach may not only influence improved health outcomes for students at Basile Moreau, but has the potential to become a sustainable model for schools throughout Haiti.  

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