Current and Previous Fellowship Awardees

Year Awarded   Award Recipient Faculty Advisor Description
2023 Alyssa La Bella Ana Lidia Flores-Mireles Dissecting the Efg1 Virulence Network of Candida albicans in the Catheterized Bladder
2023 Elizabeth Lau Joyce Adams and Bernard Nahlen Validation of a Clinical Screening Tool for Postpartum Depression in Rural United States
2023 Bradley Jones Patty Champion Defining the Roles of Lysine Acetyltransferases MMAR_3740 and MMAR_3692 in
Mycobacterial Pathogenesis
2023 Alexis Waldschmidt Joseph E. O’Tousa The Multiple Disease-Vectoring Roles of NORPA β-Class Phospholipase C Signaling in Aedes Mosquitoes
2022 Christopher Winski Felipe Santiago-Tirado Characterization of an atypical ABC transporter involved in antifungal resistance and host interactions in the pathogenic fungus Cryptococcus neoformans
2022 (fall semester) Homero Dominguez Shahriar Mobashery Penicilin-Binding protein 2x as a target in allosteric inhibition by antibiotics
2022 Mackenzie Sievert Michael Ferdig Mapping determinants of drug resistance in malaria parasites
2022 Quan Tran Alex Perkins  Rethinking and improving models used to estimate the global disease burden of Yellow fever
2021 Jessica Carney Laura Miller-Graff Improving access to maternal mental health care within and across cultural contexts
2021 Aurel Holzschuh Cristian Koepfli Understanding residual Plasmodium falciparum transmission in Zanzibar through genomics
2021 Maisha Nima Michael Ferdig and Angana Mukherjee Malarial emergence of resistance to frontline artemisinin drugs in Bangladesh
2021 Iker Soto Santarriaga Patricia Clark Characterizing the folding mechanism of the autotransporter virulence factor pertactin
2021 Lindsay Serene Jeff Schorey Deciphering SecA2-dependent RNA export in pathogenic mycobacteria
2020 Katherine Crank Kyle Bibby From theory to practice: expanding the quantitative microbial risk assessment framework research progress
2020 Kathleen Nicholson Patricia Champion Characterizing a putative secreted transporter component in the ESX-1 secretion system of Mycobacterium marinum 
2020 Yuanyuan Qian Shahriar Mobashery Elucidation of mechanism of action for novel anti-clostridioides difficile antibacterial
2020 Sana Saiyed Lee Gettler Combining cultural perspectives, behavioral ecology, and stress physiology for a more holistic understanding of human-monkey interactions and health in India
2019 Daniel Hammers Shaun Lee Identification of a host cell membrane target for Streptolysin S
2019 Kayla Hurd Vania Smith-Oka

Are insects the next health aid?: Exploring the correlation between seasonality and consumption patterns with blood spots in Oaxaca, Mexico

2019 Chinedu Madukoma Joshua Shrout Examining the Role of Type IV pili in Surface Motility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
2019 Katelyn Vendrely Michael Ferdig Mapping competitive growth of malaria parasites to assess the fitness impact of artemisinin resistance


Katelyn Carothers Shaun Lee

Role for a secreted Streptococcal protease in host cell and polymicrobial interactions

2018 Rachel Oidtman Alex Perkins Inferring and forecasting pathogen transmission dynamics by confronting models with epidemiological time series
2018 Kevin Sanchez Patricia Champion The Mechanisms of ESX-1 Feedback Regulation in Mycobacterium marinum
2018 Morgan Smith Edwin Michael Data-driven computational modeling of macroparasitic disease transmission and elimination
2017 David Dik Shahriar Mobashery Cross-Talk Between Cell-Wall Recycling and Antibiotic Resistance in Pathogenic Bacteria
2017 Rose Donohue Edwin Michael

Understanding Neglected Tropical Disease Control from a Socio-ecological Perspective

2017 Catherine Flanley Mary Ann McDowell Genetic differentiation and immunogenicity of nine salivary proteins from four geographically distant populations of Phlebotomus papatasi, a known Leishmania vector
2016 Mark Fraser Robert Stahelin Effectiveness of sub-therapeutic staurosporine on inhibition of budding and replication of lipid-enveloped viruses
2016 Micah Ferrell Patricia Champion Mapping of acetylated proteins in M.marinum and M.tuberculosis to NATS in the genome
2016 Todd Marek Vania Smith-Oka Relationship between linguistic practices and the emergence of differing forms of Traditional Tibetan medicine
2015 Katrina Button-Simons Michael Ferdig Develop tool that prioritizes anti-malarial candidate drugs for advancement through pre-clinical and clinical trials
2015 Olivia Choudhury Scott Emrich

Develop framework for analyzing data-intensive biological applications with high performance computing and develop novel approach for increasing accuracy of Single Molecule Sequencing

2015 Sage Davis Michael Ferdig Build and analyze gene co-expression networks to determine genes of importance for ART-R
2015 Trevor Kane Shaun Lee Genetic studies to delinate the role of the SLS-like genes in S.aureus and Biochemical studies aimed at deducing the structural characteristics of the SLS-like toxin produced by S.aureus
2015 Enrico Speri Shahriar Mobashery Role of S.aureus protein kinase in phosphorylation of BlaR1
2014 Michelle Ngai Mary Ann McDowell Characterization of family of serotonin receptors for Aedes aegpyti and Anopheles gambiae, Identification of influence of insecticide impregnated barriers on malaria incidence
2014 Brianna R. Mullins (Norris) Miguel Morales Elucidating Mechanisms of Leishmania Signaling Pathways and Parasite Stress Response
2014 Matthew Leming Joseph O’Tousa Understand the visual processes of the Ae. aegypti mosquito to allow for novel development and refinement of mosquito control strategies
2014 Mark Majewski Marvin Miller Syntheses and Evaluation of Hydroxamates, Monobactams, and Cephalosporins as Anti-Tuberculosis and Anti-Microbial Agents
2014 Huan Wang Mayland ChangShahriar Mobashery

Synthesis and evaluation of a novel class of 1,2,4-triazolo [1,5-a] pyrimidines antibacterial agents, Synthesis and evaluation of a novel class of NagZ inhibitors

2013 Callan Driscoll Joshua Shrout Effects of calcium on the surface motility of pathogenic bacteria. Focus on most common bacterium, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, causes chronic pulmonary infections in cystic fibrosis
2013 Victoria Smith Jeff Schorey Identify the mechanism by which Mycobacteria tuberculosis components are trafficked to exosomes and what role exosomes play during course of in vivo infection
2013 Quirine ten Bosch Alex Perkins Occurrence of dengue epidemics as affected by complex interplay of environmental and climate on mosquitoes
2012 Nicholas Geraci Mary Ann McDowell Role of miRs in immunopathology of leishmaniasis
2012 Lindsey Turnbull Michael Ferdig Plasticity of transcriptional response and implications for malaria parasite adaptation
2012 Abigail Weaver Marya Lieberman

Developing paper analytical devices for the detection of counterfeit drugs

2012 Emily Williams Patricia Champion

Molecular mechanisms of Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence

2011 Emmanuel AduGyamfi Rob Stahelin

Molecular architecture of Ebola virus assembly and budding from the plasma membrane

2011 Tony Clemons David SeversonMolly Duman Scheel Aedes aegypti vector competence to dengue
2011 Ling Sun Philippe Sucosky Role of hemodynamic sheer stress in calcific aortic valve disease
2011 Ellen Flannery Molly Duman Scheel Role of Sema signaling in the developing CNS and olfactory system of Aedes aegypti
2009 Geoffrey Siwo Michael Ferdig

Integrative systems biology of malaria parasites

2009 Upeka Samarkoon Michael Ferdig Structural Genome validation in malaria parasites
2009 Davis A. Darcy Nitesh Chawla

Network-centric data mining for medical applications

2009 Andrew K. Rider Scott Emrich Data and network science for noisy heterogeneous systems