Characterizing exosomes as biomarkers of active tuberculosis


This collaboration based on previous funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation serves to develop new approaches for TB diagnostics based on the isolation and characterization of small vesicles called exosomes present in human blood. Our data suggest that exosomes isolated from the serum of TB patients contain mycobacterial proteins and RNA, and have the potential to serve as biomarkers of active TB. Foundation for Innovative and New Diagnostics (FIND), which is based out of Geneva, Switzerland, has repositories around the world which contain serum from individuals who have active and latent TB. Through a collaboration with FIND, we have been purifying and characterizing exosomes from serum obtained from these repositories.

Research Focus

  • Infectious Diseases

    At the EIGH, our researchers work to combat a number of various illnesses, including infectious diseases caused by organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These diseases can also be spread from one person to another and may be transmitted from animals to humans. 

  • Molecular Biology and Microbiology

    Researchers at the EIGH use microbiology, which encompasses the study of an entire microorganism, and molecular biology, or the interactivity between molecules within a cell of an organism, to better understand disease and improve global health. 

Who’s Involved

EIGH Faculty

Global Partners

  • Foundation for Innovative and New Diagnostics (FIND)

University of Notre Dame Partnerships

  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry