World Malaria Day – What would you fight for?

Sarah Craig

Wednesday, April 25, 2012, marks World Malaria Day.  Notre Dame scientists from the Eck Institute for Global Health and colleagues from around the world are trying to address this disease. Though malaria might not necessarily be “in your back yard,” the answers just might be!


Notre Dame faculty are standing in solidarity with their colleagues of the American Society for Tropical Medicine and on Capitol Hill to showcase the contributions of malaria researchers and innovators from U.S. academic institutions and private companies.

The briefing, "Advancements in U.S. Science and Technology in Malaria: A Showcase of Domestic Research & Development to Save Lives and Keep Americans Safe," will feature researchers from across the country.

Notre Dame faculty and colleagues will have the opportunity to talk with Senate members of the Working Group on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases about global research work and the value it brings to the U.S. Much of the actual work is being done right here on campus.

“It’s an optimistic time for malaria research,” says Notre Dame’s associate professor of Biology, Michael Ferdig, “The new tools and analytical approaches of systems biology are changing what's possible in stopping this disease.”

So please join us in solidarity in support of this unified effort to address future funding of research for malaria around the globe.

Photo credit: James D. Gathany