Fundraising for Nepal Earthquake Victims

On April 25, Nepal was hit by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake killing thousands of people with experts predicting the final toll to surpass 10,000. Millions have been affected, immediately and in the aftermath as disease and shortages spread. It will take years to rebuild what has been destroyed but the urgent need is to keeping people alive by providing them with food, clean water, sanitation and shelter.

As a community of Nepalese working and studying at the University of Notre Dame, we are joining with Hope Initiative Nepal (, founded by an ND professor, to support a grass roots movement led by volunteers and activists on the ground in Nepal attempting to reach neglected communities and rural villages devastated by this tragedy. With all major humanitarian agencies working only in the capital city Kathmandu, these communities are left to fend for themselves.

Join with us and donate to give these selfless heroes a fighting chance to hold off a second wave humanitarian disaster and rebuild their communities. Your donations will go directly to these rural and remote areas and make a huge impact on their chances.

Hope Initiative is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible in the US. You’ll receive a receipt letter for your donation by email or in the mail depending on information provided at the time of donation.

Please join us to bring hope to a desperately dark situation.