EIGH Introduces “Imaging Technologies in Research: Imagine What You Can Do”

Special thanks to Nydia Morales-Soto, postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of EIGH member Joshua Shrout, PhD, for leading the EIGH's inaugural event: "Imaging Technologies in Research: Imagine What You Can Do." With her input, and others from the EIGH, we developed an experiential learning activity to explore what the Notre Dame Core Facilities have to offer.

The four presentations included a wide variety of images as only the Digital Visualization Theatre (DVT) can present: 

  • Electron Microscopy by Sergei Rouvimov, PhD, Transmission Electron Microscopy Program Director
  • In Vivo Imaging by Matt Leevy, PhD, Director Biological Imaging
  • In Vivo Imaging, PET (positron emission tomography) and CT (computed tomography) by Peng Zhou, PhD student in the laboratory of Giles Duffield, PhD
  • In Vivo Imaging, Multispectral FX (combines fluorescence, luminescence, radioisotopic, and high resolution X-ray imaging in one system) by Josh Shrout, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences and Department of Biological Sciences

Two "field trips" were held after the DVT experience. Dr. Rouvimov led a group to the EM facility at Stinson-Remick and Dr. Leevy to the In Vivo facility in Galvin Life Sciences Center.

Also, special thanks to Dr. Keith Davis, Director of the DVT, for hosting and coordinating images in the DVT and undergraduate Rachel Cotton for helping recruit students to attend and learn about these unique resources and research approaches.

The event was well-attended and well-received by participants and a nice addition to the Office of the Vice President for Research's Core Facilities fair on April 11. Due to demand of this experiential learning activity, we are in the process of scheduling another event for the Fall of 2013. Watch for event information in the coming months!