Our Universe Revealed - Lead

Panel: Graham Peaslee, PhD, Professor, Department of Physics; Marya Lieberman, PhD, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry; and, Heidi Beidinger, PhD, Assistant Professional Specialist, Assistant Professor of the Practice in Biological Sciences 

The laws of Physics govern everything in the universe, from the smallest components in atoms to the largest structures in the cosmos. Hosted by the Department of Physics at the University of Notre DameOur Universe Revealed aims to make Physics accessible to all by explaining phenomena in the world around us in easy to understand language – there’s no science background needed!

During this series, find out about the fundamentals of the universe, results from the forefront of Physics as well as hearing about the cutting-edge research being undertaken at Notre Dame.

During this specific panel discussion, members of Notre Dame's "Faculty Lead Working Group," an interdisciplinary team of faculty members who are passionate about solving the lead challenges in our community will present their Summer of 2017 research that has led toward a community-wide effort to address our collective problem. 

The Eck Institute for Global Health has served as a catalyst to bring together community partners to focus on this problem, which has evolved into the Lead Affinity Group. It includes over 20 partners from but not limited to: academia, government (local and state), private industry, health department, community organizations and others. Both groups have been and continue to meet monthly. The partnership is strong, committed, and willing to do what is necessary to end lead poisoning.

Join us as we explore, explain, and reveal the mysteries of the universe around us and more specifically right here in our community.

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