Friday Ebola Q&A

Mark Ferdig, Senior Team Leader, Strategic Response and Global Emergencies Team, Mercy Corps

How is Mercy Corps responding?

As a leading iNGO in Liberia, it's important for Mercy Corps to mobilize and reinforce our outstanding country team to provide vital support aligned with our core expertise. We have been monitoring the situation closely and have identified clear gaps where we believe we can collaborate with trusted partners and provide assistance that makes a difference.

Organizations specializing in health care delivery are in the best position to supply medical services. Mercy Corps' response strategy focuses in two key areas: supporting efforts to prevent further spread of the disease, and helping communities and vulnerable households cope with the stresses caused by the outbreak. To support longer-term economic recovery, stability and growth, our emergency response will align with our existing country strategy.

Mark Ferdig, Senior Team Leader from the Strategic Response and Global Emergencies team, has deployed to Liberia to assume overall leadership of the country program. Additional support is being assembled from Technical Support Unit teams.