Global Health Colloquium

Greg Madey

Computer Science & Engineering, University of Notre Dame

“VECNet-CI: A Cyberinfrastructure Development Project in Support of the Vector Ecology and Control Network (VECNet)”

We describe a joint project involving Notre Dame’s Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Center for Research Computing, and the Hesburgh Libraries. This Notre Dame team will be working with the Pittsburgh Computer Center, Oxford University, James Cook University, the University of Pittsburgh, and others to 1) build a Digital Library of malaria-specific data, 2) design and deploy an Integrated Modeling Platform to analyze those data, and 3) support analysis and evaluation of the potential impact of malaria elimination interventions and campaigns. This project is sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. See for more information.

Professor Madey has formal training in Mathematics and Operations Research. He is PI, along with Frank Collins (Biological Sciences), for Notre Dame’s activity on the VECNet-CI project. His research includes topics on scientific portals, cyberinfrastructure development, agent-based modeling, scientific databases, disaster management, and crowd sourcing for citizen-engineering.