Antimicrobial Resistance

Awareness to Action:  Antimicrobial Resistance 

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week aims to increase awareness of antimicrobial resistance and prevent the spread of drug-resistant infections. Antimicrobial resistance arises when pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses fail to respond to the effects of medication, making certain diseases more difficult to treat. Eck Institute for Global Health affiliated faculty are working to combat antimicrobial resistance through various types of research.

Learn more about reducing the global burden of antimicrobial resistance from EIGH researchers from the Department of Biological Sciences and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Ana Lidia Flores-Mireles, Felipe Santiago-Tirado, Shaun Lee, and Shahriar Mobashery.

Take Action:

  • Always consult a physician before taking any antimicrobial medication - including antibiotics, antifungals, antiparasitics, and antivirals.
  • If you are prescribed an antimicrobial medication, take it exactly as directed. Remember that an unfinished treatment could lead to antimicrobial resistance.