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Health is a fundamental human right


The University of Notre Dame's Eck Institute for Global Health is a university-wide enterprise that recognizes health as a fundamental human right and endeavors to promote research, training, and service to advance health standards for all people, especially people in low and middle-income countries, who are disproportionately impacted by preventable diseases.

Members of the Eck Institute for Global Health are working to address global health challenges through basic and applied research. Notre Dame is a world leader in vector research and is home to VectorBase and VecNET.

HOT TOPIC: ZIKA! For more information about the mosquito-borne Zika virus and to learn about Notre Dame faculty and alumni research, click here.   


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Notre Dame’s Alex Perkins Wins Powe Award

April 27, 2016

Alex Perkins, Ph.D., Eck Family Assistant Professor in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, and a member of the Eck Institute for Global Health, has been recognized with the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Powe Award for Junior Faculty (…

Understanding Behavior Key to Combating Malaria

April 25, 2016

Today, April 25, is the annual World Malaria Day. This year’s theme – End Malaria for Good – seeks to build upon past successes in combatting this deadly disease, which killed over 435,000 people in 2015, and sustain this progress in order to truly  “end malaria for good.”

At the University of Notre Dame, Neil Lobo, a research associate professor of Biological Sciences and an Eck Institute for Global Health faculty member, is working to end malaria for good by focusing on the vectors that transmit the disease and how certain methods or interventions reduce malaria transmission.…


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