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Health is a fundamental human right


The University of Notre Dame's Eck Institute for Global Health is a university-wide enterprise that recognizes health as a fundamental human right and endeavors to promote research, training, and service to advance health standards for all people, especially people in low and middle-income countries, who are disproportionately impacted by preventable diseases.

Members of the Eck Institute for Global Health are working to address global health challenges through basic and applied research. Notre Dame is a world leader in vector research and is home to VectorBase and VecNET.


June 17, 2015

A team of biologists from the University of Notre Dame, Rice University and three other schools has discovered that an agricultural pest that began plaguing U.S. apple growers in the 1850s likely did so after undergoing extensive and genome-wide changes in a single generation.

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Molly Duman Scheel receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant

June 09, 2015

Indiana University announced on Monday (Jun. 8) that Molly Duman Scheel, adjunct associate professor of biological sciences at the University of Notre Dame and associate professor of medical and molecular genetics at the Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend (IUSM-SB), is a Grand Challenges Explorations


Philip Eckhoff Seminar

Fri Sep 4, 2015 • 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Philip Eckhoff is the Principal Investigator with Institute for Disease Modeling in Bellevue, Washington.

The Seminar is sponsored by EIGH for Master of Science in Global Health students and interested researchers from across Notre Dame’s many disciplines including but not limited to: Biological Sciences, Applied & Computational Math, the Center for Research Computing, and Computer Science & Engineering. Join us for this opportunity!

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Global Breast Cancer Research at Notre Dame...and Beyond

Tue Sep 15, 2015 • 1:00PM - 6:30PM

Tentative Schedule:

1:00-2:30pm       Faculty presentations:  
                                       Siyuan Zhang, Laurie Littlepage, Jenifer Prosperi

2:30-2:45pm       Break 

2:45 –3:45pm      Faculty presentations:               
                                       Steven Buechler, Ryan Roeder/Tracy Vargo-Gogola

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