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Building Institutional Partnerships

Building Institutional Partnerships

A major objective of the Eck Institute for Global Health (EIGH) is to build partnerships with institutions with shared research and training interests in low- and middle-income countries or resource-limited domestic health institutions.  The establishment of these partnerships should be selective and based on strategic interests of both the foreign/domestic institution and the EIGH. Important considerations include: 

  • Shared research interests that will provide opportunities for collaboration between faculty/scientists and students at both institutions
  • A sufficient infrastructure at both the foreign institution and the EIGH to support the partnership (e.g., leadership, administrative support, laboratory support)
  • Ability to establish a shared vision and ownership of the partnership and plan for advancing the goals

The development and establishment of institutional partnerships requires the involvement of the EIGH at an institutional level, rather than depending on a single investigator.  EIGH members with an interest in working with the EIGH to develop or explore the development of a specific institutional partnership are invited to discuss their ideas with the EIGH leadership and may contact Katherine Taylor (e-mail:; phone: 574-631-1029) for more information or to initiate discussions.