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Eck Institute for Global Health

Research Highlights

  • Notre Dame has been a leader in vector-borne disease research for decades and is home to both VectorBase and VecNET.  Major research with global impact is being done by leading researchers such as: Nora BesanskyFrank CollinsNicole AcheeNeil Lobo, and David Severson, both in the laboratories and at various field sites.
  • The research laboratories of Mary Ann McDowell and Miguel Morales focus on the Leishmania parasite and its interaction with the cells of the human host and with the sandfly vector.
  • The laboratories of Jeffrey Schorey and Patricia Champion address mechanisms of Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence as well as development of new antibiotics and identification of new drug and vaccine targets.
  • A number of faculty work on various aspects of antibiotic resistance. Major initiatives are taking place in the laboratories of Mayland ChangShahriar MobasheryShaun LeeJoshua Shrout, and Sergei Vakulenko.
  • Novel ways to address the changing climate and its influence on disease transmission are being developed through mathematical, computational, and statistical modeling in the laboratories of Edwin Michael and Alex Perkins.
  • The Michael Ferdig lab addresses genetics and genomics of drug resistance and virulence in the malaria parasite in partnership with iCeNSA (Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science & Application).
  • Behavioral studies of disease carrying vectors are being developed in the laboratories of Zain Syed and Giles Duffield.
  • Marya Lieberman and Holly Goodson are developing Paper Analytical Devices (PADS) utilizing colorimetric tests and biosensors for counterfeit drug detection.   
  • HOT TOPIC: ZIKA! For more information about the mosquito-borne Zika virus and to learn about Notre Dame faculty and alumni research, click here.