Second Annual Eck Institute for Global Health Research Retreat


Jose Ribeiro, Chief of the Vector Biology Section of the Laboratory of Malaria and Vector Research at the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), was on campus as the keynote speaker for the 2013 Annual Research Retreat for the Eck Institute for Global Health (EIGH) on Friday, January 11, 2013. Ribeiro delivered the lecture, “Role of saliva in blood-feeding arthropods: From sialomes to the sialoverse,” held at the University of Notre Dame’s Conference Center. Over 100 faculty members, students, and fellows of the EIGH attended the all day event featuring presentations from across campus on cutting edge research in the field of global health.

Ribeiro, who has collaborated over the years with many EIGH faculty members, presented his research. The lecture was humorously delivered and well received. Ribeiro’s lifelong research exploring the biochemistry and pharmacological diversity found in the salivary glands of blood feeding insects and ticks made for wonderful after lunch subject matter.

The retreat started with a well reported, “State of the Institute” by EIGH Director, David Severson. Six EIGH faculty members who delivered overviews of their respective research projects followed the report. EIGH Faculty presentations included:

  • Scott Emrich, “Comparative genomics analysis of Anopheles mosquitoes”
  • Jeffrey Schorey, “Exosomes in immune surveillance and as novel vaccines and diagnostics markers for tuberculosis”
  • Molly Duman-Scheel,“Vector Mosquito Developmental Genetics”
  • Patricia Clark, “Gram-Negative Pathogens Exploit Vectorial Folding for Virulence Protein Secretion”
  • Michael Ferdig, “Systems genetics of malaria parasites: regulatory networks predict parasite vulnerabilities”
  • Mary Ann McDowell, “Novel Insecticide Targets: GPCRs in Vector Genomes”


A poster session and reception followed the faculty lectures giving EIGH graduate students and post-doctoral fellows the opportunity to showcase their work.

According to senior EIGH member, Nora Besansky, this was a, “truly outstanding and inspiring retreat.” Thanks to all who were able to attend.