Master of Science in Global Health Capstone Research Forum

Master of Science in Global Health students will present their 2015 Capstone Research Projects devoted to international and domestic research and field experiences. 


2:00 pm – Manuel Rocha – Combination of Lab- and Field-based approaches to combat Tuberculosis

2:15 pm – Quynh Trang Hoang – Vector bionomics and occupational risk of malaria in rubber plantations of Western Thailand

2:30 pm – Ariel Arguelles – Evaluation of the Role of Compassion in Non-Clinical Global Health Interventions: A Case Study in Leogane, Haiti

2:45 pm – Lucy Smith – The Regionalization System for Perinatal Care in the Republic of Moldova

3:00 pm – Anna Ndamba – An Assessment of Head Lice Infestation in Native Lacandon Populations in Chiapas, Mexico

3:15 pm – Casey Mohrien – Racial, Ethnic, and Socio-Demographic Disparities in Feto-Infant Mortality in the State of Georgia from 2003-2012

3:30 pm – Break

3:45 pm – Katelyn Campbell – Analysis of Microbiological Capacity to Monitor and Patient Knowledge of

Antibiotic Resistance in Santo Domingo, Ecuador

4:00 pm – Briana Cortez – Implementation of an Antibiotic Education Program for Community Health

Promoters in Ecuador and Assessment of Antibiotic Knowledge in Tena and Quito, Ecuador

4:15 pm – Brianna Wanlass – Palliative Care in Uganda: Developing a Surveillance System to Support and Strengthen Palliative Care Services in Uganda

4:30 pm – Rachel Svetanoff – Ebola Virus: Determining Correlations Between Symptoms and Survivorship of Confirmed Infected Patients: A Meta-Analysis Investigation

4:45 pm – Atticus Lum – Malaria on the Thailand border: Capturing the underlying burden

5:00 pm – Wyn Sullivan – Design and Implementation of odorant baited traps to monitor and control Triatoma dimidiata in Toledo, Belize

5:15 pm – Nazra Kazia – A comparative study of depression between international and non-international graduate students at a private university