Global Health Scholars Lecture

“Pathogenicity and its discontents: the genetic epidemiology of enteric diseases in developing countries”

James P. Nataro, MD PhD MBA

Benjamin Armistead Shepherd Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics, University of Virginia School of Medicine;  Pediatrician-in-Chief, University of Virginia Children's Hospital

James P. Nataro, MD PhD MBA, was Professor of Pediatrics, Medicine, Microbiology & Immunology, and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine for 19 years before joining the University of Virginia School of Medicine as Chair, Department of Pediatrics, in September 2010.  Dr. Nataro’s multi-disciplinary research program focuses on enteric bacterial infections, principally diarrheagenic E. coli and Shigella spp.  His seminal observations include the discovery of enteroaggregative and diffusely adherent E. coli pathotypes, the introduction of the first molecular probe for enteropathogenic E. coli, the discovery of a large number of virulence factors and mechanisms, and the construction of several vaccine candidates.  He has made pivotal contributions to understanding the roles of diarrheagenic E. coli in human disease and elucidating the population genomics of enteric pathogens.  Dr. Nataro is proud to have trained a large number of undergraduate, graduate, medical (including three MD/PhD students), as well as many post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty. He has published over 200 scientific articles, published two books, and holds several patents for scientific discoveries.