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Eck Institute for Global Health

Caribbean Islands

Class of 2013



Shannon Cawley- Helicobacter pylori in Haiti: An initial evaluation of potentially effective diagnostic antigens and health care professionals’ knowledge for use in future public health programs


Michael Dineen- The Development and Assessment of a New Bio-chip Based Rapid Diagnostic Test for Human Filariasis in Haiti



Melissa Baranay- Polyandry and Longevity in Aedes Aegypti: Implications for Dengue Transmission and Control


Class of 2012



Noelle Hilmer- Feasibility study of vaccinations and bed net distribution during Mass Drug Administration


Luisa Krug- Integration of human papillomavirus vaccine distribution into currently existing Notre Dame Haiti Program mass drug administration programs


Annette Ruth- Evaluating the efficacy of Cholera prevention programming at changing public sanitation and hygiene behaviors in Haiti: Implications for control strategies, surveillance, and public policy interventions