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Class of 2013



Amy Billow- The Impact of the Diabetes Epidemic in India: Establishing the Prevalence and Clinical Profile of Metabolic Syndrome in Type 1 Diabetes Patients in Chennai, India



Brian Bush- 5 year (2008 -2012) Retrospective Analysis of the National Cancer Patient Registry - Colorectal Cancer Database in Kedah, Perlis, and Seberang Jaya, Malaysia



Class of 2012



Sarah Hurd- Determining the efficiency of government primary health care centers in southern Karnataka, India


Anna Nanigan- Does green always mean go? Assessing the extent to which India's national rural health mission traffic light monitoring and evaluation system accurately reflects the performance of primary health centers in the state of Karnataka


Christopher Wynkoop- Capturing cholera: Understanding disease dynamics and seasonal variations in Kolkata, India via mathematical model



Charlotte Marous- Prevalence, risk factors, and clinical epidemiology of hepatitis C; an emerging infectious disease in the Alor Setar region of Kedah, Malaysia