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Eck Institute for Global Health


Class of 2013


Democratic Republic of the Congo

Brittany Ockenfels- Meta-analysis of the effects of insect vector saliva on the host immune response and progression of disease 



Ashley Scott- Development of Training Program for Detection of Poor Quality Medicines in Resource Limited Settings 



Colleen Huml- Women’s Health Knowledge and its Impact on the Health of their Children: A Study of Mothers in Lesotho


Ann Polcari- Sex-Biased Parasitism in Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infections



Obimachi Madukoma- Relative Efficiency of Healthcare Facilities in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria: An Analysis of Data as a Tool for Healthcare Management


Sierra Leone

Mackenzie Dome- Impact of Mass Drug Treatment on Disease of Lymphatic Filariasis in Three Endemic Settings 



Gabriela Austgen- Malaria and Helminth Co-Infection: Measuring Impact on Anemia


Sarah Dawson- Centering Pregnancy: Improving Satisfaction and Delivery method of Prenatal and Maternal Health care to women in South Bend, Indiana 


Mark Fraser- Ebola Virus: How Tyrosine 13 Mutations of Ebola Zaire Virus VP40 Effect Viral Egress & Determining Correlations Between Genomic Mutations of VP40 in Sudan Ebola Virus Serum Isolates and Survivorship, Age, Gender, and Infection Timeline of Infected Patients from 2000 at Lacor Hospital in Uganda 


Class of 2012



Husein Badani- Spatio-temporal analysis of diarrheal diseases in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 


Zoe Cross- Meta-analysis of helminth polyparasitism: Infection dynamics and morbidity