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Eck Institute for Global Health

Topics in Global Health: Social Marketing



Dr. Karen Gutierrez


Number of Credits:



Semester Offered:



Course Description:

This course will focus on how practitioners around the world are applying commercial marketing techniques to address important public health issues.  Using recent examples from global efforts to reduce the harms caused by tobacco use and obesity, students will engage in interactive exercises, presentations, and discussions related to health policy and management, communications strategies, and other ways to affect individual behaviors and social norms.


Learning Goals:

This course is designed to build skills in these primary areas:

1.      A capability to identify global health problems and potential approaches for addressing them

2.      Competency in writing concise papers based on investigation of health topics

3.      An understanding of how individual- and population-level approaches can be combined to address major health issues

4.      An understanding of social marketing’s key components, concepts and tools and how they can be integrated into a comprehensive public health program

5.      Competency in developing a concise and substantive presentation and communicating it clearly and persuasively to an audience



Fall 2013- Topics in Global Health: Social Marketing Syllabus