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Eck Institute for Global Health

Topics in Global Health: MIM Storyboard Methods


Dr. Brian J. McCarthy


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Course Description:

This course prepares students to implement the MIM Storyboard Methodology.  Its focus will be maternal and newborn health in low resource settings but the process is applicable to any health program.  We will have one guest instructor who has expertise in ethical questions associated with the introduction/scale-up of comprehensive emergency obstetrical and newborn care (CEmONC) services in low resources settings.  Given that it is a graduate-level course, discussion is expected. Students are requested to read assigned readings before class.  The reading list will evolve and depend on stated student interests from the pre-course survey.  Students should bring a laptop computer with them to class for analytical exercises.  If you do not have a laptop computer, please make arrangements to team up with a fellow student.

Learning Goals:

This course is designed to increase knowledge and basic skills in the use of the MIM Storyboard Methodology:

  1. A knowledge of how to define the system
  2. An understanding of managing a system
  3. Defining the local indicator matrix (LIM)
  4. Describing the Quality Improvement Project(s) (QUIPs)
  5. Describing the Quality Improvement Collaborative (QIC)



Fall 2013- MIM Storyboard Methods Syllabus