BIOS 60590 Modern Infectious Disease // Eck Institute for Global Health // University of Notre Dame

Eck Institute for Global Health

BIOS 60590 Modern Infectious Disease



Dr. Edwin Michael


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Course Description:

This course is to introduce students to the field and methodology for researching modern infectious disease epidemiology. The emphasis will be on the important need to take an inter-disciplinary approach, combining different analytical methods, in the study of the transmission ecology and control of infectious diseases. Students will be introduced to a range of topics and modern methods relevant to understanding and investigating the population biology, epidemiology, and control of diseases, ranging from transmission modeling to spatial ecology, host immunity and parasite genetics, socio-epidemiology of infection, intervention modeling, and health economics and management. 


Learning Goals:

  1. This course is designed to accomplish skill development in the following primary areas:
  2. Appreciation of the burden and impact of infectious diseases on human populations
  3. Gain understanding of modern theories of transmission dynamics, parasite immunity, population genetics, socio-ecology, epidemiological investigation, health economics, intervention design and management
  4. Capacity to use modern methods for investigating infectious disease epidemiology, including transmission modeling, mapping and spatial analysis, surveillance analysis, meta-analysis, economic and decision analysis and querying molecular databases.
  5. Capability to develop and apply inter-disciplinary approaches to investigating and intervening against major categories of infectious diseases



Fall 2013- Modern Infectious Diseases Syllabus