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Healthcare Analytics



Dr. Nitesh Chawla


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Course Description:

Healthcare is facing a digital revolution from data collection to its application in decision-making. The Affordable Care Act has a major provision for electronic health records or EHR. The EHR will not only reduce the paperwork and administrative effort, but it will also lead to a reduction in costs, reduction in errors, improved and standardized data, and the meaningful use of such data will improve the quality of care (preventative medicine). With the availability of the digitized data comes the opportunity of novel large-scale analytics towards prospective healthcare---personalized assessment of ones's health, along with a sundry of recommended lifestyle changes. Meaningful use of the electronic healthcare data is to not only take a giant leap towards personalized and prospective healthcare, but also reduce the healthcare costs by designing a better disease management strategy, leading to lifestyle adjustments and preemptive measures. Personalized medicine integrates genetic, genomic, and clinical information to predict a person's likelihood of developing a disease, its onset course, and potential treatment plans. The course will bring together the intersection of medicine and computational thinking for the grand challenge problems in healthcare. The course will capture the intersection of clinical informatics and public health informatics. It will not cover bioinformatics.


Learning Goals:

The goals for this course are for students to:

  1. Understand the role of data and computational thinking in prospective healthcare
  2. Understand basic concepts of analytics (data mining) and informatics as relevant for healthcare
  3. Become familiar with the Electronic Health Record and other sources of data
  4. Become familiar with wellness initiatives, as well as role of social media and smart phones
  5. Become aware of and discuss ethical and privacy issues in healthcare
  6. Conduct an independent case study on a thematic topic in Healthcare Analytics
  7. Implement a team-based group project


Fall 2013- Healthcare Analytics