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Eck Institute for Global Health

Global Health Project Management


Dr. Shannon Senefeld


Number of Credits:



Semester Offered:



Course Description:

This course provides an introduction and overview into global health project management including outlining the project cycle of a global health intervention. The course content will include project development, proposal writing, program management, monitoring and evaluation, capacity strengthening, and collaborating with local institutions and partners. This course prepares students for fieldwork by emphasizing project management, design, practicalities of fieldwork, and cultural sensitivity.


Learning Goals:

This course is designed to accomplish skill development in these primary areas:
1. A capability to identify global health problems and potential solutions
2. Competency in writing concept papers for identified problems
3. An understanding of project management covering the full project cycle from project design to evaluation
4. The capacity to identify appropriate monitoring and evaluation methods of public health projects
5. The ability to define the importance of strengthening local capacity and working within existing local structures, including an understanding of the need for cultural sensitivity



Fall 2013 Global Health Project Management Syllabus