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Eck Institute for Global Health

Directed Readings


Dr. Joseph Bock


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Course Description:

This directed readings course familiarizes students with Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) applications for global health.  The facilitator of this mHealth course will be consulted to determine the extent to which students are prepared for, and participate in, each class session.

When we speak of ICT platforms, we are referring to internet sites that pull together data in useful ways.  Sometimes this involves visualization, as in placing data on a digital map (as with Ushahidi and Crowdmap).  Others process and organize data (such as with medical records systems, such as OpenMRS).  Others deal with discovery, as in new drugs for neglected and rare diseases (such as Fit2Cure, which is being developed by some PhD students here at Notre Dame). There are many other platforms that relate to global health (for instance, one is Magpi, which allows users to send texts and audio—such as for educational campaigns to promote hygiene).


Learning Goals:

This course is designed to accomplish increased understanding and skill development in these primary areas:

  1. A knowledge of some of the major concepts related to mobile and ICT applications for global health
  2. A capability to identify applicable mobile and ICT applications for multiple kinds of global health challenges
  3. Working familiarity with least one ICT platform, to the point of being able to explain how it functions and how it can be used



Spring 2014- Directed Readings