Capstone Seminar // Eck Institute for Global Health // University of Notre Dame

Eck Institute for Global Health

Capstone Seminar


Professor Lacey Haussamen


Number of Credits:



Semester Offered:



Course Description:

The Capstone Seminar is required for all MS in Global Health students. Capstone Seminar spans the entire year with a one-credit course in the Fall (BIOS 60599), two credits in the Spring, and 5 credits in the summer. The three semesters of Capstone Seminar are designed to support students as they prepare for and complete their Capstone Project as required in the MS in Global Health program.


This semester’s course lays the foundation for the Capstone Project and guides students as they develop a Capstone Project. By the end of this semester, the students will submit a project proposal for their research to a Defense Committee for feedback.


We will discuss program requirements and deadlines with regard to your Capstone Project, including the field research component. Students are responsible for working with an identified faculty supervisor on their projects during the semester to advance the project and meet all deadlines.


Learning Goals:

This course is designed to support students' ability to:

  • Plan and design a research project that relates to an important global health challenge
  • Conduct a comprehensive literature review
  • Write and defend a research proposal



Fall 2013- Capstone Seminar Syllabus