Bioethics // Eck Institute for Global Health // University of Notre Dame

Eck Institute for Global Health




Dr. Celia Deane-Drummond

Dr. Joseph Bock

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Course Description:

This course will focus on bioethical issues from a global perspective in the context of health needs of the global community. We will address the particular practical ethical dilemmas faced by humanitarian workers. We will then cover some examples of ethical quandaries that are most relevant in a global health context, some of which are controversial from a religious perspective, including corruption and weak governance, HIV/AIDS; end of life, mental health and drug resistant tuberculosis. We will also discuss evolving theoretical frameworks for global health ethics, including values in global health, and more specifically social justice, solidarity and sustainability, drawing on named philosophical and theological traditions, including liberation theology.


Learning Goals:

  1. Analyze ethical dilemmas associated with specific bioethical problems connected with health care in a given context.
  2. Critically evaluate different theoretical frameworks for bioethics in a global context.
  3. Show the ability to construct an argument, using a multidisciplinary approach and including some theological analysis.
  4. Collaborate with other students in order to present a seminar on a particular case study in global health care.



Spring 2014- Bioethics Syllabus