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Master of Science in Global Health Capstone Research Forum

Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:00PM - 5:00PM

Master of Science in Global Health students will present their 2015 Capstone Research Projects devoted to international and domestic research and field experiences. 


2:00 pm – Manuel Rocha – Combination of Lab- and Field-based approaches to combat Tuberculosis

2:15 pm – Quynh Trang Hoang – Vector bionomics and occupational risk of malaria in rubber plantations of Western Thailand

2:30 pm – Ariel Arguelles – Evaluation of the Role of Compassion in Non-Clinical Global Health Interventions: A Case Study in Leogane, Haiti

2:45 pm – Lucy Smith – The Regionalization System for Perinatal Care in the Republic of Moldova

3:00 pm – Anna Ndamba – An Assessment of Head Lice Infestation in Native Lacandon Populations in Chiapas, Mexico

3:15 pm – Casey Mohrien – Racial, Ethnic, and Socio-Demographic Disparities in Feto-Infant Mortality in the State of Georgia from 2003-2012

3:30 pm – Break

3:45 pm – Katelyn Campbell – Analysis of Microbiological Capacity to Monitor and Patient Knowledge of

Antibiotic Resistance in Santo Domingo, Ecuador

4:00 pm – Briana Cortez – Implementation of an Antibiotic Education Program for Community Health

Promoters in Ecuador and Assessment of Antibiotic Knowledge in Tena and Quito, Ecuador

4:15 pm – Brianna Wanlass – Palliative Care in Uganda: Developing a Surveillance System to Support and Strengthen Palliative Care Services in Uganda

4:30 pm – Rachel Svetanoff – Ebola Virus: Determining Correlations Between Symptoms and Survivorship of Confirmed Infected Patients: A Meta-Analysis Investigation

4:45 pm – Atticus Lum – Malaria on the Thailand border: Capturing the underlying burden

5:00 pm – Wyn Sullivan – Design and Implementation of odorant baited traps to monitor and control Triatoma dimidiata in Toledo, Belize

5:15 pm – Nazra Kazia – A comparative study of depression between international and non-international graduate students at a private university

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