An Assessment of Community Health Promoters in Ecuador's Napo Province

Location: Napo Province, Ecuador

Alumni: Stephanie Cripps

Faculty: Lacey Ahern

The purpose of this study is to understand the role of TGH community health promoters in the Napo Province, in order to help TGH choose the best way to run their community health promoter program. TGH’s health promoter program in the Napo Province has never been evaluated before, and this exploratory study can act as a baseline to compare future evaluations of the health promoters and their impact on community health.  Because there is such wide variation in community health programs, there is no standardization or one-size fits all approach to evaluate community health worker programs. For the purposes of studying TGH’s Napo Province health promoters, qualification, outreach engagement, motivation, community recognition, and community perception of community health promoters were chosen as areas of interest by TGH to be examined in order to gain a thorough understanding of the role of a health promoter and possible areas for improvement. Surveys conducted found that while most people could recognize and liked their health promoter, they believed the promoter did not have an overly extensive or useful knowledge of healthcare. This could be solved through a promoter training program, one in which topics of community interest, like alcoholism and family planning, could be given greater attention. I believe this research will help TGH improve the efficiency of their community health promoter program and therefore better health in the Napo Province.

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