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Total credits required for degree = 32 credits

    Required classes = 24 credits

    Elective classes = 8 credits


Required Courses


FALL SEMESTER (required credits = 11)


Global Health Challenges
GH 60591-01 – 2 credits
Professor Katherine Taylor

Topics in Disease Epidemiology
BIOS 60590-01 – 3 credits
Professor Edwin Michael

Quantitative Research Methods in Global Health
GH 60610-01 – 3 credits
Professor Roya Ghiaseddin

Qualitative Research Methods in Global Health
GH 60611-01 – 1 credit
Professor Naomi Penney

Global Health Project Management
GH 60592-01 – 1 credit
Professor Paul Perrin

Capstone Seminar
GH 68550-01 – 1 credit
Professor Heidi Beidinger


SPRING SEMESTER (required credits = 8)


Quantitative Research Methods in Global Health II

GH 60610-02 – 2 credits

Professor Roya Ghiaseddin



GH 60545 – 2 credits

Professor David Addiss


Global Health Colloquium

GH 60601 – 1 credit

Professor Katherine Taylor


Capstone Research

GH 68551-01 – 2 credits

Professor Heidi Beidinger


Leadership Theory, Discovery, and Application

GH 60620-01 - 1 credit

Professor Heidi Beidinger


SUMMER SEMESTER (required credits = 5)


Capstone Field Research

GH 68552-01 – 5 Credits

Professors Heidi Beidinger and Katherine Taylor


Elective Courses


This list contains recommended electives (for both spring and fall) but is not exhaustive. Students may search across the University for other appropriate electives they want to take (this requires approval from the program; see “Course Approvals” section). Please visit NOVO on insideND for the most updated information.



Medical Microbiology
GH 60455-01 – 3 Credits
Professor Shaun Lee

International Development in Practice: What Works in Development
GH 60595-01 – 3 Credits
Professor Stephen Reifenberg

Improving Maternal and Child Health Services: Maternal and Infant Matrix Storyboard Methodology 
GH 60594-03 – 1 Credit
Professor Brian McCarthy

Water, Disease and Global Health
BIOS 60610-01 – 3 Credits
Professor Joshua Shrout

Topics in Parasitology & Vector Biology
BIOS 60579-01 – 1-3 Credits
Professor Frank Collins and Professor Gregory Madey

Topics in Rare and Neglected Disease
BIOS 60565-01 – 3 Credits
Professor Kasturi Haldar

Medical Molecular Parasitology
BIOS 40420-01 – 3 Credits
Professor Miguel Morales


BIOS 40440 - 3 credits
Professor Malcolm Fraser

Topics in Pathobiology
BIOS 60550 - 1-3 credits
Professors Shaun Lee and Kasturi Haldar


Topics in Global Health

BIOS 60559 – 3 credits

Professor Edwin Michael


Topics in Parasitology and Vector Biology

BIOS 60579 – 1-3 credits

Professors Frank Collins and Greg Madey

Stat Methods in Data Mining
ACMS 40875 - 3 credits
Professor Jun Li
(prerequisite - Statistical Methods & Data Analysis or similar course.  Students are also required to be experienced in R programming)




Geographic Information Systems

GH 60201 – 3 credits

Professor Matthew Sisk


Advanced Qualitative Methods

GH 60612-01 – 1-2 credits

Professor Naomi Penney


Arthropods and Human Disease

GH 60408-01– 3 Credits

Professor Frank Collins and Professor Nicole Achee


Topics in Global Health – mHealth

GH 60550 – 2 credits

Professor Tom Marentette


Justice and Global Health

Professor Sarah Bosha


International Development in Practice II

GH 60597 – 3 credits

Professor Stephen Reifenberg


The Economics of Global Health

GH 60856 – 3 credits

Professor Margaret Triyana


Home and Dome

GH 63300 – 1 credit

Professors Danielle Wood, Matthew Sisk, and Mary Beckman


Global Health, Mobile Phones, and Appropriate Technologies



Topics in Infectious Diseases

BIOS 60569– 1-3 Credits

(various sections/professors)


Global Biotehics Seminar

BIOS 60202 – 1 credit

Professor Celia Deane-Drummond


Case Studies in Global Health

BIOS 60206 – 1 credit

Professor Marie Donahue


Immunobiology of Infectious Diseases

BIOS 60530 – 3 Credits

Professor Jeffrey Schorey and Professor Mary Ann McDowell


Topics in Parasitology and Vector Biology: Medical and Veterinary Parasitology

BIOS 60579 – 3 Credits

Professor Jennifer Robichaud


Anthropology of Reproduction

ANTH 45826 – 3 Credits

Professor Vania Smith-Oka


Anthropology of Poverty

ANTH 45875 – 3 Credits

Professor Rahul Oka


Principles of Biochemistry

CHEM 60520 – 3 credits

Professor Patricia Clark


International Dispute Resolution

LAW 70718 – 2 credits

Professors Mary O’Connell, Anne Hamilton, Alice Tyrell, and Tracy Zielke


Introduction to Hospice and Palliative Care

SC 43350 – 1 credit

Professor Dominic Vachon


Psychology and Medicine

SCPP 43531 – 3 credits

Professors Robert White and Kathleen Kolberg

    For the most updated version of the MSGH course offerings, please visit Class Search on InsideND.