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Eck Institute for Global Health

Special Professional Faculty - MS in Global Health Program, Eck Institute for Global Health

Summary: The Special Professional Faculty (SPF) will be a part of the University of Notre Dame’s College of Science and the Eck Institute for Global Health, reporting to the Director of Global Health Training, and will primarily serve the Master of Science in Global Health degree program.

The Master of Science in Global Health program provides an engaging science-centric one-year, intensive training in the context of global health that includes two semesters of coursework and one (summer) semester of a field practicum, called the Capstone Project.

The coursework focuses on providing students with a working knowledge of the global health challenges facing our world by immersing them in the literature, as well as providing opportunities to meet and learn from experts in the field. The curriculum offers opportunities to operationalize the newly acquired skills and knowledge through activities such as laboratory research, survey research, mathematical modeling, mHealth platforms, and project management. Thus, our program allows students to make connections between classroom training in global health topics and the real health needs of resource-poor populations around the world through hands-on experience. Students undertake meaningful research projects supported by Notre Dame faculty and international partners in countries such as Belize, Ecuador, Peru, Haiti, Uganda, Moldova, Tanzania, India, and Thailand. Science is understood in the context of its promise to improve the health of those people who are disproportionately affected by preventable diseases.

The MS in Global Health program is supported by staff and faculty who have expertise and research in a variety of fields that represent the interdisciplinary nature of global health. Further, our faculty have research partnerships throughout the world that provide international field work opportunities for our students’ Capstone Projects.

Responsibilities of the SPF will include advising and supervising MS in Global Health students’ Capstone project requirements. The SPF will contribute to teaching core classes and electives, according to his/her expertise and the needs of the program. The SPF will work in a team environment for most activities. In that regard, their input on teams tasked with recruiting, communications, and development will be expected. S/he will interact with faculty, advisory committee members, undergraduate students, graduate students, others within and outside the university community, and visitors in implementation of training programs. The preferred candidate will have an established global health research portfolio that will support the integration of student capstone projects.

This is a full time professional position that may require up to 20% domestic and international travel.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  1. Advising and supervising of MS Global Health students and Capstone projects.

  2. Teaching global health courses.

  3. Developing and maintaining partnerships with Notre Dame faculty and international partners that support capstone projects.

  4. Identify opportunities for job placement of global health program graduates, communicate with alumni and prospective

    employers about competencies developed in training programs, and develop metrics to assess efficacy of various career

    development initiatives.

  5. Effectively and positively represent the global health training program to both internal and external stakeholders in both written

    and in person communications.

  6. Analyze trends in global health work force needs and match the university training programs to meet those needs.

  7. Develop relationships with external stakeholders that lead to post-graduation job placements

Supervisor: Director of Global Health Training


Master’s or PhD in a global health-related field.
Three to five years of experience.
At least two years of experience working with under-resourced populations, preferably in developing countries.

For questions, please contact Eck Institute for Global Health, Master of Science in Global Health, University of Notre Dame, 120 Brownson Hall, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556; email ghms@nd.edu.